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    Ben Ray

    Hi Eneuf,

    This sounds like a great enhancement. Is your purpose to see who had what records at what time?

    I see this as having different versions of records. When you would look in the data table you would see one record and you could click on it to see more version of this record and its history. Who filled this one out and would be able to see differences in the record.

    Could you elaborate more on why having this is important to you and your team?


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    Le Nguyen

    Emil's reply that was filtered to our spam:

    "My immediate interest would be to simply see who downloaded a record and when. We don't need much more than that. But I could imagine more sophisticated users might want a full audit trail - all downloads and uploads, by whom (user id) with a timedate stamp. Consider needs of HIPPA users perhaps for more rigorous requirements. "

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