IMAGE ELEMENT IMPROVEMENTS (draw on image, fewer presses, delete image)



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    Antonio Kang

    Hi Gabe,

    I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to type up some of the deficiencies and suggestions on how to improve our image elements.

    You bring up very valid flaws and I can definitely see how these can cause frustration for the users.

    It looks like improving the image elements will be beneficial for many, if not all users and allow them to save a tremendous amount of time.

    I will personally log your suggestions to be discussed with the team and plan to get these improvements in our application.

    Also, I would like to send you a Zerion Gift Package in appreciation of you taking the time to write this post.

    Lastly, please feel free to contact me directly at and we can try to a meeting set up to further understand your concerns and your real life examples more in detail.



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    Gabriel Granger

    Thanks for the response Antonio, I will email you directly so we can discuss this in more detail.

    Kind regards



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    Ben Ray

    Good news Folks! We have started development on the updated drawing element. Head over to this community post to share your thoughts and I think you'll be happy to see we have incorporated some of the above requests into the new design.


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