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    Berit Weymers (Edited )

    Hi Everyone,

    It's been awhile since we last shared an update. Below I've included some screenshots and descriptions of where we are at and what we are still working on it. Our developers and customer success team have been working hard to make sure the User Management has all the functionality and usability needed to make each customer successful. Please share with us any feedback (good or bad) you may have. Thanks!

    1) Home Screen:

    • Here is the current home screen. We are still going to make some small edits based off a graphic designer we are working with. 
    • Starting with the top left, if you have a dedicated database and you have uploaded a logo, it will be displayed in the left corner.
    • Underneath that, you have the search bar. To make your life easier, you are able to define what exactly you are searching for within the user table including: username, first name, last name and email. 
    • On the left, you'll see the default tab with your user summary the (i) icon. Next to that, you'll see the tab in which you will be able to filter by groups and edit groups. The last icon, and most recently added, allows you to filter by policies. The term policies is new in the iFormBuilder world. Essentially it is a list of permissions/rules set in place for specific users. (By default, the policies are: Data Collector, Form Builder, Company Admin, and Server Admin.) We wanted to allow you to filter by this for you to see who can do what within the platform. This should be especially helpful when you are able to create your own custom policies.

    2) User Table

    • Within the user table, you'll notice batch actions in the top left of the table. Batch actions are actions that can be completed to selected users, one or more. The most common actions are displayed and the less common can be seen by click the "more icon" (3 dots). Batch Actions include: Unlock users, Reset Password, Assign to Policies, Assign to User Groups, Lock Users, Remove from User Groups, Remove from Policies and Delete Users.
    • All the way on the right of the table, you'll see the gear icon. This allows you to configure what is being displayed within your table.

    3) Individual User General Information

    • We thought it would be helpful for anyone who is managing users to get a quick snapshot on the user within the platform. If you click the eye icon for a user it will bring you to the following screen. Let us know if you think we should add more details here.

    4) Creating a New User

    • In the top right corner of the screen, you'll see the (+) button. This will allow you to Create New Users and Create New Groups. Eventually it will also allow you to upload users. Below are the screenshots for creating new users.


    CURRENT FOCUS: Besides making some minor U.I. changes, we are now working on the U.I. for users to create custom policies. 

    Thank you for taking the time to review. We are constantly improving so please let us know if you have suggestions. 

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    Rebekah Stevens (Edited )

    It would be great to be able to have some additional options for user permissions. Here are some use cases that we run into:

    • A form owner wants to share form building responsibilities for a form without making the person an admin. (Assign selected forms to a user with form builder rights.)
    • A form owner wants a form builder to be able to copy a form or view form structure for a form that they cannot edit. This would be really helpful for template forms or to share certain functions that we put inside a form.
    • A designated office person wants to assign user and/or user group permissions to a form/form group
    • A designated office person wants to create and/or delete users
    • A field user wants to edit data in the WebForm after submitting the data to the server without letting them see or edit everyone's data. Ability to edit one's own records.
    • A field or office user wants to see and/or edit a group of records for a form based on other values. Possibly all records associated with a client, project or site. Based on record status (draft, final, etc). If they are listed anywhere on the form, could be a project manager or reviewer.
    • A field or office user wants to re-assign records for a form. Either any records for a form or a selected group similar to the above options.
    • A form owner or a form builder on a form wants to delete all records on a form - restrict this to just admin or owners of the form
    • A form owner or a form builder wants to delete individual records for a form. Either any records for a form or a selected group similar to the above options.
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    Berit Weymers (Edited )


    Hi Everyone! We wanted to share with you an update on the new User Management page. We are working hard on phase 1 of the new User Management page. Phase 1 is focused on the new U.I. for user management and creating the backend. The later phases will allow for more customizations on the user role permissions.

    Below is a screenshot of home screen. It is still a work in progress but you'll notice some key features.

    To start, on the left, we have a collapsable menu. By default it will show you the basic information (i) about your users. Clicking the button to the right of the (i) button will show you a list of your user groups. Clicking on one of the groups will show you all the users in that group and allow you to edit the group. On the right of the group button, there is a button with 3 lines. This will allow you to customize your table of users. 

    In the main part of the screen, you'll notice the table of users. Each header of a column in the table is clickable. This will allow you to re-order by date or alphabetically.

    With this new interface, we will allow for batch actions! Once you've selected a user, you'll see the list of batch actions in the top menu.

    Lastly, on the right corner there is a + button. This is what you will click to create a new user, new group or upload new users.


    This is just a sneak peek on what our developers have been working on.  Let us know your thoughts!

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    Karl Simms

    looks awesome, a vast improvement from the current UI. 

    would hope to see something similar for form assignments page aswell (when you guys get round to that :))

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    Berit Weymers (Edited )

    Here is screenshot of our latest updates. You'll notice a few adjustments compared to the screenshot uploaded a few weeks ago on August 1. (For more details on the user management page, please scroll down to see the previous update on Aug 1.)

    Our team met with a graphic designer for recommendations on the interface. Below are some of the suggestions. You can spot the changes in the screenshot.

    • Place a box around the Search bar
    • Alternate table rows with a light grey.
    • Place User Management Batch Actions in a dark grey.
    • Make table column headers bold and uppercase.
    • Remove boxes around users and user group in the (i) section and instead put a divider.

    Please review the changes we've made and give us some feedback! Thank you

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    Rebekah Stevens (Edited )

    This looks great! For the individual user general information, these additional two pieces of information would be helpful:

    • The last time the user logged in
    • What forms the user has direct permissions on (collect and/or view)


    One other thing that would be really helpful would be a comments field for the users. We sometimes have specific notes that we want to associate with someone but end up having to keep the information in a separate spreadsheet.

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