Users Spanning Across Multiple Company Profiles



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    Jacob Shapley

    Hi Adam,

    We (Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife) have a similar requirement. Initially, we just added ".test" to the end of the username to both get around the unique username requirement and to make it easy to tell whether a device is logged into test or production. This worked very well early on. However, as we've expanded our user base and number of integrations, we decided to get a whole additional dedicated database. Test is an exact copy of production, with the same users and usernames, profiles, etc. Hope some of these suggestions help.


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    Adam Rawlinson

    Hi Jake,
    Thanks for taking your time to propose a solution.
    It sounds like you have the same problem. Would you also find it more useful to run it all in the same system, but under different profiles? I don't really want to go for a new system for 12 users to create forms that will only be moved to the other system anyway.

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