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    Ben Ray

    Hey Folks. This Android update is now available in the Play Store as of today. It is a phased rollout over the next week so if you do not see the update today it will be available in the next two days. 

    Head over the play store to get this update! -


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    Joe Vetoe (Edited )

    We have identified a bug that causes a crash when using “” in the Dynamic Value in the Smart Table Search. We are currently working on a fix. So there are few options:

    1. You can remove the Dynamic Value from the field and it should stop the crash.

    2. You can revert back to the previous build, but in order to do so, users will need to delete and reinstall the app and then click this link (Note: Deleting the app will remove all saved records on the device):

    3. Wait for the patch to rollout which we are trying to do as fast as possible.

    We truly apologize for the issue and we’ll update as soon as the patch is ready to go.

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    Ben Ray

    The Android App Patch Is now available on the Google Play Store. If you are experiencing this issue please update your application to the latest version of the application.

    Thank you for your patience during this time.

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