How do I create publishing key for Google Play?

To create a publishing key to use with your Google Play account, you'll need to set up your Google Developers Account.  To do so, please follow the instructions below.

  • Open the Google Play Console.
  • Select Settings tab, followed by the API access tab.
  • Click the Create Service Account button and follow the Google Developers Console link in the dialog.
  • Click the Create Service account button at the top of the developers console screen.
  • Provide a name for the service account.
  • Click Select a role and choose Project > Service Account Actor.
  • Check the Furnish a new private key checkbox.
  • Select JSON as the Key type.
  • Click Create to close the dialog.
  • Make a note of the file name of the JSON file downloaded to your computer, and close the dialog.
  • Back on the Google Play developer console, click Done to close the dialog.
  • Click on Grant Access for the newly added service account.
  • Choose Release Manager from the Role drop-down and click Add user to close the dialog.

After all the previous steps are completed, please send the JSON file to truth@zerionsoftware.com.

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