Attachment: How do I dynamically populate a URL?




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    Le Nguyen

    Please note that passing data from a Text field to Attachment Link will fail if you only put ${data_column_name} and nothing before it. I'd suggest putting: "https://${data_column_name}"

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    Ben Ray

    If you would like to implement this with Latitude and Longitude coordinates instead of Street Address you can pass in the following URL${my_lat},${my_long}

    For this to work you must have columns my_lat and my_long on the form and they must have valid coordinates in them.


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    Gwen Stoker


    I tested this out 4-11-19 and EUREKA!!, the lat, long thing worked. Today (5-2-19) not working. I have not changed any criteria in the form or the input data. Any thoughts?


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    Ben Ray

    Hi Gwen,

    Sorry to hear of your troubles. I just tested this on my Android and iOS device and it worked as expected. Would you be able to submit a ticket to our Help Desk with some details about your form and how it is setup and they can look into this.

    Submit a Ticket

    Thanks! - Ben

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