What are Zerion Dataflow Recordsets?

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What is a Zerion Dataflow RecordSet?

RecordSets are storage locations for data saved within a Zerion Dataflow. These RecordSets and the actions associated with them are the foundations for Zerion Dataflows.

Each RecordSet should be meaningful and serve a purpose, but they are not bound by any specific table structure.

Recordsets have a few direct actions including those shown in the screen shot below.

gnosiz recordsets

Recordsets can feed data into other recordsets as shown below. The most common use case will include a filter or aggregation setting on the secondary recordset

gnosiz recordsets

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As an example, you may have weather data and metrics on the number of times the coffee machine was used at work stored in the same record set. The structure of the weather data doesn't match the structure of our coffee machine data, and that's OK.

Zerion Dataflows are designed around the principle of unstructured data.




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