ERROR: No peer certificate

iform no peer certificate

iForm no peer certificate

If you receive the above error message, please try to upgrade the operating system on your device to Android 5 or higher, and make sure you are running the most up-to-date version of iForm.

For those receiving the "no peer certificate error" and do not wish to upgrade your device or unable to, you can now point your devices to tls10.iformbuilder.com and upload without any issue.  Click HERE for instructions on changing the server name.

PLEASE NOTE: We can’t stress enough that this should be used as a last resort solution for you and your team as the security upgrades we made are important to maintaining the high-security standards we’ve always abided by here at iFormBuilder.

If you have any scripts set up that reference www.iformbuilder.com, please replace those references with tls10.iformbuilder.com.

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