How do I automatically start the Timer Widget once the form opens on iOS?

iForm Timer functions

To automatically start the Timer Widget once the form opens, follow the instructions below.

PLEASE NOTE:  This function only works on iOS, not Android.

STEP 1: Add the Timer Widget to your form.  

iForm Timer functions

For more detailed instructions on adding the Timer widget, please click HERE

STEP 2: Click the Smart Control tab (A) and in the Dynamic Value of the Timer Widget, place the following value (B):

if (form_name.timer_widget == null) form_name.timer_widget = {}; form_name.timer_widget['isTimerActive'] = true; form_name.timer_widget;

iForm Timer functions

PLEASE NOTE: form_name should be replaced with the table name of your form and timer_widget should be replaced with the data column name of your Timer Widget.

Want to start a timer widget on the subform level?  It's similar to how subform aggregation works.

if (parent_form_name.subform_element[indexvalue].timer_widget == null) parent_form_name.subform_element[indexvalue].timer_widget = {}; parent_form_name.subform_element[indexvalue].timer_widget['isTimerActive'] = true; parent_form_name.subform_element[indexvalue].timer_widget;

STEP 3: Test on your device.  It should look similar to the following:

iForm Tip: Download the Form Package at the bottom for a sample form of this functionality.


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