Timer Widget

iForm timer widget

The Timer Widget is similar to a stopwatch and is used to measure the amount of time elapsed in seconds. You may have multiple timer widgets on a single form and the values are accessible through JavaScript.

The Timer Widget has two functions (start) and (stop) and each widget may start and stop many times resulting in a cumulative elapsed time.

Key Notes:

  • If a timer is active when a user completes a record by pressing "Done" the timer will be stopped and the elapsed time will be saved and submitted with the rest of the data.
  • If a timer is active when a user saves a record, or enters a subform the timer will not stop recording the elapsed time.
  • To reset a timer back to 0, press and hold the widget until a pop-up appears prompting you to reset the timer.

To add a Timer Widget to your form, follow the instructions below.

STEP 1: Click the Add New Input button.

iForm timer widget

STEP 2: Click on the Input Properties tab (A) and change the input type to Timer (B).

iForm timer widget

STEP 3: Click Save.

iForm timer widget


  • To access the value of a timer widget in JavaScript, you will use the syntax below.


iForm timer widget

iForm timer widget


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