How do I make the Multi-Select Widget required?

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To ensure that your user selects at least one option on the Multi-Select Widget, please follow the instructions below. (To add a Multi-Select Widget to your form, click here for instructions.)

STEP 1. Inside the form builder, highlight you Multi-Select Widget (A) and click on the Smart Control tab (B).

iForm multi-select required

STEP 2. Scroll down to the Client Validation and Validation Message fields.

iForm multi-select required

STEP 3. In the Client Validation field, put: multi_select1 !=0. This says that the element cannot be equal to 0.

iForm multi-select required

STEP 4. In the Validation Message field, put the message you want your users to see if he or she doesn't meet the validation requirements.  

PLEASE NOTE:  The message needs to be in quotation marks in order to function properly.

iForm multi-select required

iFORM TIP: Simply setting the Multi-Select Widget to required via the checkbox will not give you the desired results.  A user could simply open the Multi-Select Widget without making any choices and meet the requirements as this will enter a value of all zeros in the bitwise operation.  The steps above will ensure at least one option is selected.


Multi-Select Widget


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    John Gilbert

    FYI: The "Required" property works properly on Andriod. It does not work on Apple

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