Counter Widget

iform counter widget

The Counter Widget allows you to increase or decrease a count with just the tap of a button.   

PLEASE NOTE: The Counter Widget will be available with the release of iForm 8.1 for iOS and Android 6.1.  Please follow the Release Notes to be automatically notified of updates.

To add a Counter Widget to your form, follow the instructions below.

STEP 1: From inside the form builder, click the Add New Input button.

iform counter widget

STEP 2: Click on the Input Properties tab and select Counter.

iform counter widget

STEP 3: Click Save.

iform counter widget

iFORM TIP:  By default, the counter widget will increase/decrease by 1.  To adjust the increment, put COUNTER_STEPVALUE=X (where X equals the number you want to increase the count by) in the element reference ID. Please see the example below.

iform counter widget reference id

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