How do I add an image to my form?

add an image in iForm

To add an image to your form, please follow the instructions below.  

The examples below show how to leverage Box or Dropbox integration for hosting, but you can also use any other public resource.

PLEASE NOTE: These deep integrations with Dropbox and Box are not supported on Android devices.

STEP 1: Confirm that your Dropbox or Box account is linked to your iForm account. To link your account click here for Dropbox or here for Box.

STEP 2: Create an Image Label widget on your form.

add an image in iForm

STEP 3: Create a folder in Dropbox (or Box) to store your iForm images.  For this example, we have named the folder iformpics.

add an image in iForm

STEP 4: When saving your image, make sure of two things: 1) the image name matches the data column name of Image Label exactly and 2) the image is saved a png file.  

add an image in iForm

add an image in iForm

STEP 5: Click Edit to take you to the Form Properties page.

add an image in iForm

STEP 6: In the labels icon URL put the following:  dropbox://iformpics and click Save.

This is the URL scheme that must be used.  

For Box accounts, it would it be box://iformpics and for other publicly hosted images it would be similar to https://myserver/iformpics.

add an image in iForm

STEP 7: Test on your device.

add an image in iForm

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