What are the differences between Private and Public Containers?

Switching Between Public and Private Media Storage

On our Media Configuration page, you have the ability to switch between private and public containers.  

Please see below for the differences between the Public and Private Containers.


  • Anyone with access to the URL can see the media.  PLEASE NOTE:  Though the images are public, the URL itself is randomly generated.  Meaning, no one will be able to guess what a URL of an image will be.
  • Images can be sent in emails.
  • 3rd party software using POST (such as Webmerge) can pull images with no authentication.


  • Must be logged in iFormBuilder to view the image.
  • Emails sent from iFormBuilder will not have images, but will have links in which you will need to log in to view.
  • Must use API for media access outside of iFormBuilder.
  • 3rd Party Software using POST(such as Webmerge) will not be able to pull images.
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