Launching iForm from a different application (Custom URL Scheme)

iForm for iOS supports a custom URL scheme engineered to handle requests from other applications on the device, and perform any of the actions listed below. 

  • Create a new record (with data).
  • Open an existing record assigned from the server.
  • Open the 'Manage' section of the app on the iPad.
  • Open a specific record in the 'Manage' section of the app (iPad Only)

The following parameters are used to determine the way iForm handles the request.

  • pageId: The Page ID of the form you want to work with
  • action: Can either be "new" to start a new record, "edit" to modify an existing, or "view" to launch the Manage section
  • recordId: Record ID to modify or view (Server ID)
  • <Element Array>: Name-value pair of data fields to pass into a new record

iPhone(s), iPod Touch(s), and iPad(s)

  • iForm://?pageId=###&action=new
  • iForm://?pageId=###&action=edit&recordId=###
  • iForm://?pageId=###&action=new&first_name=John&last_name=Doe&lead_age=50

iPad(s) Only

  • iForm://?pageId=###&action=view
  • iForm://?pageId=###&action=view&recordId=###

You can dispatch a record via a Text Message as outlined below by following the steps below:

STEP #1: The user would receive a new message on the Messages application and tap on the URL.

STEP #2: The device will open iForm, create a new record, and populate data for first and last name as defined in the URL we tapped.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a private client, please see your account manager to obtain your specific protocol. Every application has it's own protocol (iForm, iFormES, iFormKiosk, etc..) 


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