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iform esri widget

The ESRI widget creates a relationship between iFormBuilder and ArcGIS Online data. This is critical for making updates to existing assets instead of simply adding new entries.  Any form which contains the ESRI widget allows the user to select a location from a map and store the latitude and longitude along with the ESRI meta data.

The ESRI Widget contains the following attributes:

  • Object ID (ArcGIS Only)
  • Global ID (ArcGIS Only)
  • Latitude
  • Longitude

How Do I Use the ESRI Widget

STEP #1: In Form Builder, add the ESRI widget to a form and save.

Step 1 of using the ESRI widget

STEP #2: Sync your device and tap on the form that contains the ESRI widget to start a new record.

STEP #3: A map with crosshairs will appear prompting the user to choose a location.  Move the crosshairs to the desired location and tap Select (iOS) or the checkmark icon (Android).


Step 3 of using the ESRI widget for iOS


Step 3 of using the ESRI widget for Android

STEP #4: The latitude and longitude of the selected point will be stored in the ESRI widget, and users may continue working through the form.


Step 4 of using the ESRI widget for iOS


Step 4 of using the ESRI widget for Android

PLEASE NOTE: When viewing data captured with the ESRI widget, data is stored in this format:


How do I use the ESRI widget with ArcGIS Online

The Object ID and Global ID are specific to ESRI ArcGIS Online and are used to update records on ArcGIS online, rather than creating new ones. Follow the steps below to get started:

STEP #1: Connect a form which contains an ESRI widget to ArcGIS Online using the ArcGIS Online Connector.

STEP #2: Open iForm and submit record for the form that was just linked in step 1.

STEP #3: Once the record has been synced to the cloud, and passed over ArcGIS online, the Object ID and Global ID are returned to iFormBuilder, creating a relationship between the two platforms.

STEP #4: From iFormBuilder, assign the same record back to a user for updates.

STEP #5: Have the user make some changes and submit back to the server.

STEP #6: The ArcGIS feature record is updated with the new data that was just submitted by the second user.

PLEASE NOTE: The ESRI Widget is supported in the iOS 6.4 client as well as the Android 4.3 client.


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    Jacob Weber

    Hi, I'm having trouble getting my forms that have Esri widgets to work offline. They are shown in my form list but when I select them they just show the spinning wheel. Other forms pop right up. Please help.

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