How do I Change the Language Settings on my iOS Device?

iform language ios

To change the language settings on your iOS device, please follow the instructions below.

PLEASE NOTE: When using Form Localization, changing the language of the device will affect all aspects of the iForm Application including the Collect and Manage views. 

The iForm Application supports In-App Localization for 17 Languages including

  1. German/Deutsch (de)
  2. Czech (cs)
  3. Polish (pl)
  4. Russian/Pyccкий (ru)
  5. Spanish - Español
  6. French/Français (fr)
  7. Italian/Italiano (it)
  8. Danish/Dansk (da)
  9. Dutch/Nederlands (nl)
  10. Arabic (ar)
  11. Finnish/Suomi (fi)
  12. Malaysian/Bahasa Melayu
  13. Norwegian/Norsk (nb)
  14. Português (pt) - Brasil
  15. Swedish/Svenska (sv)
  16. Slovak/Slovenčina (sk)
  17. Croatian/Hrvatski (hr). 

STEP 1. Open the settings on the device.

iform language ios

STEP 2. Click General.

iform language ios

STEP 3. Click Language & Region.

iform language ios

STEP 4. Click iPad Language.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using any of the Date or Time elements in a form, and you do not want them to be displayed in English, you will need to change the Region Format.

iform language ios

STEP 5. Choose the language (A) and click Done (B).

iform language ios

STEP 6. To change the language, press click Continue.

iform language ios

PLEASE NOTE: The screen will turn black with a message in the language you just selected letting you know that the language is being set. After a few moments, iOS will boot back up with the language that was selected. 

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