Upgrading to a Dedicated Database Process

iFormBuilder Dedicated Database 

iFormBuilder Dedicated Database Migration Process Overview

Upgrading to a Dedicated Database gives you more flexibility and options within the iFormBuilder platform.  Below, you will find each step described and mapped out for the process of the migration/upgrade after your purchase. 

iFormBuilder Dedicated Database Process

  • Dedicated Database Pre-Migration Call 
  • Migration of Content
  • Dedicated Database Migration Complete Email
  • Changing Server Name on Devices
  • Log in as a Server Admin
  • KickStart Training Program

iFormBuilder Pre-Migration Call

After you have received a confirmation email about your purchase, you will be asked to set-up a Pre-Migration Call with an iFormBuilder agent.  This call is REQUIRED and must happen before the migration can occur.  

During this call, the iFormBuilder agent will describe all the steps that need to occur once the migration is complete.  This is also when you will sign-up for your first KickStart Training Session.

iFormBuilder Dedicated Database Migration Complete Email

Once the migration is complete and your new Dedicated Database has been set-up,  you will receive an email from an iFormBuilder agent confirming that the Dedicated Database Migration is Complete (forms and usernames moved to the new dedicated database). After you receive this email, you will no longer be using iformbuilder.com and will now have to log in using your new dedicated database server address. The email contains:

  • Your new Dedicated Database server address (example: https://training.iformbuilder.com).
  • The username that has been assigned the Server Admin rights.
  • Links to the Customer Success Center's articles on how to change the server address on a device.
  • Information on the KickStart Training Program.   

iFormBuilder Dedicated Database Overview Video

10 Minute Video of Dedicated Database Overview

iFormBuilder Change Server Name on Devices

To continue to have users collect data on their devices, it is imperative that they change their devices settings to point to your new dedicated database.  This is very simple to change, but if users are not aware of how to do this, they will receive error messages. Click on the below links to go to the Help Desk Articles describing how to change the server name with Android and iOS devices.


To log in to your account, you will now have to point to your new dedicated database server address (Example: https://training.iformbuilder.com). The following links give more details on being a Server Admin.

iFormBuilder KickStart Training Program.png

Once your have responded to the Migration Complete Email with times available for the KickStart Training Program, include as many team members as you would like.  The more people there can help with a more successful project deployment.  Even if you have been using the platform for awhile, by participating in a KickStart you have the opportunity to learn the best way to deploy your project over your dedicated database and talk to an expert about your form structure and needs.  The KickStart will also help in developing an integration plan if needed.


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