How do I manage multiple profiles? (multiple companies)

Managing Profiles


Manage Profiles is the other link found under the Server Admin drop down menu. After you click on this link you will be taken to a page similar to the image below that lets you see all of the companies (profiles) on your database. Selecting a row to Edit, Delete or Manage the Profile using the buttons of the table.
  • The Edit icon lets you edit the number of users, forms, support hours, and status of that particular profile.
  • The Delete icon will delete the profile from the database. All forms, users, and data will be dropped for that profile after you confirm you want to delete it. One you confirm you want to delete the company, the information cannot be recovered.
  • The wrench icon allows you to manage a specific profile to add/edit users, change form assignments, edit company info, etc. While you are managing a profile all the actions taken will affect the managed profile except for the two rules outlined above.
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