Change E-mail Settings

Email Configuration

Login as a Server Admin to edit the e-mail alert information and change the SMTP host information. You may also change the footer information sent with each e-mail report. These settings will be applied to every e-mail sent from your private database.
  • Host: SMTP server where e-mails are being sent from. If you aren't sure what this means, it is best to leave the default value in place.
  • From Address: The address which will appear as the sender address. You may change this without changing host information.
  • Username: This is the username that matches up to the "Host", and you should only change this value if changing the Host information.
  • Subject: The subject of each e-mail report which is sent from the database.
  • Footer: This text will appear on every e-mail in the place of "Footer" in the image above.
  • Footer 2: This text will appear on every e-mail in the place of "Footer 2" in the image above.
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