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ID Blue has partnered with iFormBuilder making collection of RFID Tags quick and simple. The HF RFID Reader and UHF RFID Reader are used to capture RFID tags and parse the data into elements in iFormBuilder. Add a RFID Widget to your form to begin capturing data using the RFID Reader.


             HF and UHF Bluetooth RFID Reader


Download the iForm RFID Application today to take full advantage of RFID Tag Reader abilities.

          iForm RFID



The RFID Hardware device will be indicate that it is connected by the RFID Widget on the form displaying if it is connected or disconnected.





Follow the example below to collect data using the RFID Widget:

RFID Widget

Data Column Name: my_scan

Dynamic Value: my_scan = ""


Text Widget

Dynamic Value: my_scan.tagId

***This widget is used to take the data collected from the RFID widget and parse it into the text widget.


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