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Zebra Technologies has Integrated with iFormBuilder giving the ability to print records directly from your iOS Device to a Zebra Printer.  To utilize the printer, both the printer and your iOS device must be connected to the same WiFi access point, or be connected via Bluetooth. Only certain models will work Bluetooth with iOS devices.  Once connected you can begin implementing your mobile printing solution.  


There are two different ways you can print from a Zebra printer.  The first way is our 'out of the box' format.  This format will be already programmed into our app.  The current printer that works is part of the iMZ series.  Click here for more info.  All that needs to be done is press and hold on the record you wish to print, the same way you can duplicate or delete a record.  This will be our standard format.  At this time, this format was created for a 3 inch printer.  The data will cut off when using a 2 inch printer and the size of the paper won't be utilized completely in a 4 inch.  This is the standard format the zebra printer will print.


Form Name                

Element Label 1

Element Data 1

Element Label 2

Element Data 1

Subform Label Name

     Subform Element Label 1

     Subform Element Data 1

Element Label 3

Element Data 3



The other option is to create a custom FMT file.  This will allow you to create a custom label to look any way you like with any size.  For more information, please send a request to our support desk.  


**Note**  Our app printing feature is not 100% yet.  At this time, you cannot customize which elements will print.  Element reference ids will not work on this.  This means every element, except label, will print.  We are working on getting printing to be consistent on how it prints from the server.


 Zebra RW 420 Mobile Printer


Send an Email to sales@iformbuilder.com to being implementing your mobile printings solution today.



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