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Infinite Peripherals has partnered with iFormBuilder making collection of bar codes and mag stripes into your form easier then ever. The Linea-Pro 4 for iPhone and the Infinea-Tab for iPad are the 2 common devices used with iFormBuilder. To collect data within the iFormBuilder Platform use the Linea-Pro Widget in your form.

Linea Pro 4 (iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th Generation)                                    Infinea Tab (iPad 2nd and 3rd Generation)



The Linea-Pro Widget will be shown on your form as either Connected or Disconnected and will also show the Hardware and the Firmware as well as Battery percentage of the hardware.






Follow the example below to collect data using the LineaPro Widget:

Linea Pro Widget

Data Column Name: my_scan

Dynamic Value: my_scan = ""


Text Widget

Dynamic Value: my_scan

***This widget is used to take the data collected from the LineaPro widget and parse it into the text widget.


When Scanning/Swiping Drivers Licenses please refer to the Drivers License Information Page to parse the data.


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