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The iFormBuilder Platform is integrated with different types of hardware widgets to allow for easier data entry into your forms. This page contains the different hardware that is integrated into iFormBuilder.

iFormBuilder is integrated with the following hardware:

  • ID Blue - ID Blue is one of the largest RFID Mobile Solutions in the business. They have 2 Bluetooth devices that are integrated with iFormBuilder to read RFID Tags quickly and effectively.
  • Infinite Peripherals - Infinite Peripherals has created accessories for iOS and Mobile Devices that assist in the collection of data. iFormBuilder has integrated with the LineaPro 4 and the Infinea Tab to collect data using Scanning or Swipes and ensure data accuracy.
  • Socket Mobile - Socket Mobile provides solutions form Mobile Scanning via a Bluetooth device that can connect to your iOS Device. iFormBuilder has partnered with Socket mobile to provide an all in one Bar code Scanning to data collection solution.
  • Zebra Technologies - Zebra Technologies provides a mobile printing solution that allows Data collected in iFormBuilder to be printed out on hard copy directly from the iOS Device.  Click here for more information on how to use it.


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