How Can I Compile My Data Into a List?

List View


List View compiles your data into a traditional list with each field label at the top and the corresponding collected data displayed below it. 
With List View you will have the ability to select multiple records by clicking anywhere in the row and they will highlight green when selected.
List View gives you the ability to perform the following actions:  
View Detail - Opens the HTML View of the record selected.
Delete Selected - Deletes the selected record(s) from the table
Empty Table - Deletes all the records in the Database Table for the Selected Form.
Assign Selected - Assigns the record out to a specified user(s) device for them to complete.
UnAssign Selected - Removes the Assignment of the record to a specified user(s)
Create New Record - Creates a new record for the database table in which you can populate the record with data.
Upload CSV Data - Allows the user to upload CSV data for the existing table. 


To access List View click on the Form row (A) and then select List View (B).  Or you can simply click on the Table ID beside the Form Name (C).
List View gives you the ability to filter your data by clicking the Funnel Icon at the top right of the page.
On this next screen is where you will be able to filter your Records.


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