How Do I Remotely Wipe a User's Device?

This feature allows an Admin to clear the local database of a device if a device is lost or stolen.  To remotely wipe a user's device, please follow the instructions below.

STEP #1: Click the Company tab (A) and select License (B).


STEP #2: Select the device you wish to wipe and click Remote Wipe Device.


The Remote Wipe of the device will occur the next time the User opens the app and tries to sync.  The Admin can cancel the Remote Wipe by pressing Cancel Remote Wipe as shown below.


PLEASE NOTE:  Remote Wipe Device can only be stopped BEFORE the app is reopened and synced to the server.  If the app is opened prior, it will clear the database and the application will remain unusable until an admin recovers the license.  If you'd like to download the forms back onto the device, you may need to do a Clean Local Database to activate the forms to download again.

Once the Admin has remotely wiped the device, the user will see this error when going into the app.


To remove this error, the Admin must select Reactivate Device as shown in the image below.






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