How do I Link my Media Storage?

Media Configuration

Within Company Info tab, scroll to the bottom of the page to see Media Storage Location.  This is where you can link in to different media storage applications, for example Dropbox and Box. You can also store your media (images, audio, signatures) on our content network.  Once a selection is made, all new media will be directed to that location. Changing the location does NOT move any of the existing files you may have already created.

1. Click on "Edit Media Configuration". 



2. You will see a page that looks similar to the image below.  You will then have the following options:

  • Link or Re-Link: When the button says Link, click here to link an account. You will then be asked to log in to that application and accept permission for iFormBuilder to access the account. Once an account has been Linked, the buttons turns to Re-Link.  Re-link will allow you to change the external account you are linked to.
  • Unlink:  Clicking here will disconnect the 2 accounts.

cloudfiles_page__2_.pngThere are 4 icons to be aware of when linking an account.

greencheck.png The application has been successfully linked.

blue_.png  The application is not linked.

redX.png Error in the connection with that app.

ms_active.png  The current place where media is being stored.


To select where you want the media stored that is collected from each completed record, click Select as Media Storage Location. 


  • Storage path in App is the directory in where the images will be saved in that app.  For example, if iForm/iFormImages is entered in storage path, it will look for a folder called iFormImages within the folder iForm.  If one does not exist, it will create the folder automatically. Please make sure to only enter a path structure in this field.
  • Storage structure: Within your storage path, you can further define the folder structure that iFormBuilder will create when it saves media from various forms. 
  • Path/ Profile ID/ Form Name/ File Name will save media to a specific directory based on profile ID and form name.  For example, If you have media uploaded from many different forms, each will have a separate folder within a higher level profile folder.
  • Path/ File Name will upload all the media into one folder that you selected within the storage path, regardless of what form the media belongs to.

With some apps, like Box, you can share connections with other profiles.  By checking Share connection across profiles checkbox (requires dedicated database) the other profiles on your database will be able to use the same account without linking each profile directly.  All profiles that are sharing the connection can save as well as reference media on the account.



You can switch your media storage anytime.  **You can not transfer media already stored on one location to a different location automatically.  You will have to assign the records and then upload them again in order to save to the new location.**


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