How Do I Link to a Dropbox Account?

Dropbox Integration

*This can only be done by a user with Admin rights.*

Your Dropbox account can now be used seamlessly to host graphics for Client Customization fields, Widget Icons, Image Labels, Image Option Lists or place PDF files on your Dropbox account to use on the attachment widget. *In addition to Dropbox, other media storage applications like Box can also be linked to iFormBuilder.

Don't have a Dropbox account yet? Sign-up for an account from the link below and follow the steps to get started. Once you have setup the account, you will need to generate the Dropbox link that is stored in the Company Info. Click here to sign-up for Dropbox now.


1. Navigate to Company Info in iFormBuilder and scroll to the bottom and select the Link to Dropbox button. (Now it shows as"Not linked" because we have not synced with Dropbox).


2. From here you will put in your username and password of your Dropbox account.


3. Now you will see that your Dropbox has changed from Not linked to Linked.  You can now change account by selecting Re-link or you can Unlink the account.


Once you enter the UN and PW of your Dropbox account and hit Link, you are ready to go. Anytime you want to reference media in your Dropbox account you can form the URL like this: dropbox://folderName

This puts you at the root directory of the dropbox account. Let’s say you create two new folders called “iformMedia” and “iformReference”. All the media files are stored in one folder, while PDF’s are stored in another. Place the files into the appropriate folders to keep things organized. You’re now ready to define your URLs. This comes into use when you are using Label Icons URL for the Image Label Element, Element Icons, and the Icons URL for use with Pick List, Multi-Select, and the Select Elements. 

Naming Convention Folder Structure Example: Client Customization
Custom Splash Link: dropbox://iformMedia/splash_screens/splash.png
Custom Background Link: dropbox://iformMedia/bg1.png
Custom Background 2 Link: dropbox://iformMedia/bg2.png
Custom Done Button Link: dropbox://iformMedia/done.png
Custom Sync Button Link: dropbox://iformMedia/sync.png

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