Masking Widgets (Phone Number, SSN, Zip Code)

What are masking widgets?

The widgets below make it easy to enter in common information such as phone numbers, zip codes, and social security numbers.  Masking makes it easy to customize the layout according to your needs.  Be sure to watch the short YouTube video below that will review masking.

Phone Number

The phone number widget is used to capture localized phone numbers. Use the masking capabilities to get the most out of this widget. The mask can also be customized to meet your specific needs.


The SSN widget is used to capture data in the U.S. Social Security number format. The mask can be manipulated to meet other data needs as well.
Refer to the List Below for masking in iFormBuilder:
Using these input masks will only allow for the type of input specified.
# - Only allow for Numerical Input.
A - Allows for entry of Character and Numerical Input.
? - Only allow for entry of Character Input.


The zip widget is used to capture U.S. Postal codes. Users can configure the masking capabilities to meet other data needs as well.

The Masking Feature

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