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iform toggle widget

The Toggle Widget can be used for "yes/no", "pass/fail", "on/off" type questions

To add a Toggle Widget to your form, follow the instructions below.

PLEASE NOTE: For the example below, we will be using the Toggle Widget in conjunction with the Label Widget.

STEP 1. Add a Label Widget to your form with the question: Did the building pass inspection?  For instructions on how to add a Label Widget to your form, click HERE.

iform toggle widget

STEP 2. Click the Add New Input button.

iform toggle widget

STEP 3. Click the Input Properties tab (A) and change the input type to Toggle (B).

iform toggle widget

STEP 4. From the Common tab (A), type in the word Pass (B).

iform toggle widget

STEP 5. Click Save.

iform toggle widget

iFORM TIP:  When the Toggle Widget is selected, the Dynamic Value of the element is true.  When deselected, the Dynamic Value is false.

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