RFID (5.0 Client Required)

IformBuilder ata Input Types


FormBuilder now has a separate RFID Widget. In order to use this widget, the user will need a compatible 
IDBLUE RFID reader. If you do not have a reader, you can download the iForm RFID application from the App Store to simulate the capabilities.
If you do have a reader simply add the RFID widget to your form followed by a text widget. Let's assume we give this widget a data column name of (rfid_tag). In the Dynamic Value value of the RFID widget (Smart Controls) copy and paste the following code.


The text widget needs to have a Dynamic Value as well that calls the name of our RFID widget. Copy and paste the following code into the Dynamic Value of the text widget.
Now when you read an RFID tag the text field will be populated with the information from the tag. We set the RFID widget equal to empty string to ensure no old values are stored in our text widget when a new record is created.
The RFID widget is just a receiver that receives and displays information in a different field, very similar to a cable box and television. If you don't tell the cable box (RFID widget) what television (Text widget) to display the information on then you won't see anything visual on the device even if the tag is read successfully.
RFID Element Type

Multiple Scans

A function can be implemented when using external hardware to read magnetic strips, barcodes, or RFID tags and populate the string into a single field.

This requires two inputs and a simple script.

readData (Text, RFID, Barcode)
displayData (Text Area)
"readData" will be the data column name of the hardware widget that you want to use, or text element (if you are scanning a barcode). This widget needs to have a dynamic value set to an empty string.
Dynamic Value: readData=""
The next widget will be a text area with a data column name of "displayData" that contains the code below in the Dynamic Value to take each scan and populate a long string with each entry separated by a comma and a space.
if(readData != ""){
if(displayData != "")displayData += ", ";
displayData += readData;
Each new entry will be added to the list as long as it is unique. For example if we have two cards "A" and "B". I can scan card A three times in a row and only have one entry in the text area. 
Ex. "A"
If I scan card B in between each scan of A, then it will populate with the following.
Ex. "A, B, A, B, A, B,"
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