Error: Web site needs a different Google Maps API key




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    Mike Ruth

    So I attempt to re-type the http://<myorganization>.iformbuilder and the browser just redirects me to the https://etc anyway.  Attempted on Chrome, Firefox to enter my iformbuilder address without http (no s) and they just resolved to https anyway and generated the error when I attempted to view the map. 

    On Internet Explorer I was able to enter http:// etc ... (with no s) and request the map.  I still got the error message that I need a new API key.

    What next?  Thanks - Mike

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    Tony Ruth

    Hi Mike, as long as you are connecting through "https" you will not see this error. You should not be trying to connect via "http" as described in the post above. Please verify the URL is connecting securely and try again. If you are still having trouble, feel free to submit a ticket to the Help Desk and we would be happy to look at your specific scenario.

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