Client Validation: How do I verify data before it is uploaded to the server?




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    When using page-level javascript functions in Client Validation, is it possible to reference other fields on the form?  When doing so I get the error "ReferenceError: Can't find variable: x".

    Within the page-level javascript function, it seems that I can only resolve the field which I am currently validating.

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    Tony Ruth

    Hi Guy, would you be willing to share the details of your validation scenario with us? You can either post below, or send us new request through the Help Desk.


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    Guy Swartwout

    Sorry, I had something else interfering - very hard to debug. I neglected to place the enclosing quotes on the validation message. This causes utter confusion until detected. I am deleting my post. Please feel free to remove the follow-ons. Thanks for responding. BTW, you might be amused that my requirement is to make a non-required element required. I am attempting to do that by adding a required checkbox to say that I have chosen to ignore the other field.

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    What would be the test to make sure that the number has always one decimal place and between 0 to 30?

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    Can a client validation reference another question in a form?

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    Karl Simms

    Could this be used for text area fields for a minimum ammount of text? for example a user MUST fill in at least 50 characters for that field/form to be submitted?

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