iFormBuilder's 3 Golden Rules

GOLDEN RULE #1: Test, test, test!

iFormBuilder is a very powerful and flexible platform. As such, there are sometimes more than one way to accomplish the same thing. Once you put your forms together, test your forms to their very maximum capacity.
GOLDEN RULE #2: Data Column Names must be unique to the page they belong to and database friendly. They cannot begin with a number.  They cannot have spaces and they cannot have special characters.  Please click here to see the list of reserved words which cannot be used as Data Column Names.


GOLDEN RULE #3: DO NOT change Input Type, Data Size, or Encryption for an element on a live form. You will erase all of the data captured for this input.  If you must change an input type, please consider disabling the old element and adding a new one to take it's place moving forward.

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    Matt Elliott

    what is the maximum length of a dat column name?

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    Tony Ruth

    HI Matt, thanks for asking. The limit for a column name is 65 characters.

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    If you change " Input Type, Data Size, or Encryption" on a live form, does it delete information already submitted and in the database?

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