How many widgets can/should I add to a form?

iform best practices

Many factors must be considered when deciding how many widgets to add to your form. One of the most important factors is the target device. Forms should be developed for the lowest common denominator. 
Please see below for a recommended guidelines.

Hardware Specifications
Number of inputs for a form without logic:
iPod Touch 3rd Gen- 35
iPod Touch 4th Gen- 50
iPod Touch 5th Gen - 100
iPhone 3GS - 35
iPhone 4 - 50
iPhone 4S - 100
iPhone 5 -100
iPhone 6 -100
iPad 1 - 40
iPad 2 - 75
iPad 3 - 100
iPad 4 - 100
iPad Air - 100
iPad Mini - 100

iFORM TIP: Image widgets, Text Area widgets and Audio widgets can take up large amounts of data.  If you're using several of the widgets, we recommend using Subforms to breakup the form to avoid data size and upload issues.
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