Classic Builder: Show/hide widgets based on previous answers (Conditional Value)




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    Explicit enough for anybody to understand

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    Eric Ertl

    Does anyone know if its possible to use a conditional value with iformbuilder built-in functions? For instance, if I wanted only Joe Smith to see a signature widget can I write something like iformbuilder.username=="joesmith" in the conditional value?

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    Tony Ruth

    Hi Eric, you shouldn't have any problem doing so. Any valid JS logic can be used to show / hide fields.

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    Jonathan Mukesha

    This is my eg. of the previos validation condition,
    (element1 == 0) || (element2 <= 300 && element2 >= 0)
    (element3 == 0) || (element4 <= 300 && element4 >= 0) && (element4 <= element0)

    Previously all these elements was type : number, and i'have changed them to "Select" for making the data collection quick, so they will have to select with a range preset. eg 10 20 30 40 50
    now my data validation can't work anymore because now the type of data is select and no longer number.
    How does an elementX can be created to do the sum of element1, element 2 and element3? if they type select and not number?

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    Karl Simms

    Hi Jonathan
    whats the Key Value and Label of element1,2,3 & 4?

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    Hi, how do you test whether the ESRI widget returned a value? In case of no internet connection, the widget is skipped. I can see that the widget returns an object which can be read using the .toSource() method. So my thinking was that I could check whether it returns "latitude:null" but that's not the case. I realised that if the ESRI widget is not used, the object apparently does not exist. However, if a record was opened initially and the user returns to the main screen and then creates a record after disconnecting from the internet, the ESRI widget still returns the coordinates of that attempted initial record.

    Hence my question - what is the safest way to check whether the ESRI widget returned a value?

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