Can I add images to my form?




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    Daryl Vogan

    will this work when offline?

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    Simon Wessberg

    Are there limitations to what formats the images are allowed to be in?

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    Tony Ruth

    @Daryl, this will continue to work when disconnected from the web as all assets are downloaded to the device at the time of sync.

    @Simon, you should be using .png for all assets.



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    When uploading a label image with dropbox, should this appear on other users profiles when you share the form. I am having a problem where i can get the uploaded images to appear on my own profile, but if i share the form to a different user group, and allocate viewing/collection rights, the images do not appear.

    When you direct the image label to the correct .png, does iForms store a local copy or could this be related to users not having access to my dropbox? 

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