How do I POST data to a web service?

iFormBuilder Post Data


Posting data to a web service is similar to sending an e-mail report. This action takes place every time a new record is successfully uploaded or updated on the iFormBuilder server and support both XML and JSON output.

The contents of each POST will include all of the subform data related to the parent record. Results can be sent to a custom built web service, or commercial platforms like Zapier and Webmerge.

PLEASE NOTE:  POST settings are only processed at the parent form level

To create POST settings for any form, please following the steps below:

STEP #1:  Select Form Assignment from the Forms drop down menu.


STEP #2:  Select the form you want to work with (A) and click the Assign button (B).


STEP #3: Scroll down until you see the POST Data section, then enter your details.



Post Format: This property is the format of the data output ( XML or JSON)

Post Type: This defines how the data will be sent, either as raw data in the HTTP body, or as a Key/Value pair.

URL: Address of the web service you want to post to (example: https ://serverName.com/iFormService.php)

Email error to the following address: If there is an error during the attempt to post, this e-mail address will receive a notification. You can add multiple addresses in this field separated by a comma.

Format data using current model: When setting up a new service selecting this option is highly recommended to ensure you are using the most current data model.

**If you are having trouble getting a POST to hit your end point, please have a look at this article and see if it resolves your trouble.**



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