What is a Dedicated Database?

iFormBuilder Dedicated Database

iFormBuilder, What is a Dedicated Database?

The Smart Enterprise® Growing and Emerging Plans include a Dedicated Database which provides a heightened level of data security, flexibility and customization within the iFormBuilder Cloud. 


The iFormBuilder Dedicated Database includes access to a robust API which supports both inbound and outbound requests. There are numerous options for integrating iFormBuilder with many popular cloud technologies such as SalesForce, Zapier, Klipfolio, WebMerge, Google Spreadsheets and ArcGIS Online to name a few. 


  • Access to iFormBuilder APIs
  • Dedicated URL (companyname.iformbuilder.com)
  • Admin Portal Customization
  • Custom email configuration
  • Includes KickStart Training Program
  • Ability to split up users and forms into different Company Profiles
  • Share and/or Copy forms across profiles
  • Custom Extensions (Coming soon!)

Watch the video below to see a high level overview.



For more information about any of the details pertaining to the Smart Enterprise Plans or the Dedicated Database, contact us at sales@iformbuilder.com


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