What is iForm?


When we created iForm, we set out to kill clipboards, eliminate waste, and to make mobile data collection quick and easy for companies of all sizes. It’s dynamic, simple interface, and powerful form building software, enables quick implementation and secure data collection.

iForm is our original data collection application. But don’t be fooled, teamed up with iFormBuilder and your iOS device, iForm becomes a powerful business tool capable enough for any sized project and nimble enough to implement tomorrow.

Perfect for PM work orders, inspections, site audits, lead capture, clinical studies, surveys, mobile dispatch and much more, iForm has a proven track-record in the top industries world wide.

  • Quick turn-around with over-the-air form distribution
  • Real time data upload
  • Offline data collection (out of service, no wifi)
  • Ensures accurate data capture and eliminates redundancy
  • Immediately communicate changes and updates to your mobile workforce with server assignment and client-to-client assignment
  • Massively scalable
  • More than 27 standard input widgets
  • Data views including Map View, HTML View, PDF View and Excel View.
  • Data feeds (XML, JSON, XLS, RSS, ATOM)
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