How does the "Named User" Username Model (2014) Work?

what is the named user model

Each username on the account may login to 3 devices simultaneously. Usernames should not be shared.

iformbuilder new user model                          

why did the user model change

We found that users often had many devices (work and personal). By allowing a single username to login to 3 devices, we created flexibility for using multiple devices without asking the user to logout.

 iformbuilder old user model

how does this affect me

In simplest terms our 2014 user model is easier to manage, provides greater flexibility when using multiple devices, and discourages sharing username and passwords.

 New iFormBuilder User Model


Change to Workflow:

If you currently have multiple people sharing the same username on different devices this will affect you.  You will need to change how the users are managed keeping in mind that one username can login to 3 different devices. To add more usernames for better management, go to the Company Admin Tab.

user model q & a

Q. Who is affected by these changes?

A.  Every company using iFormBuilder will be affected by these changes.  An email notification will be sent to the Company Admin before the transition to the new user model takes place.  If you believe we do not have the most current email address, please email sales@iformbuilder.com with the best email to reach you.

Q. How can I see how many devices have been logged into a username?

A. Previously, you could check the amount of licenses a specific username under the Company Admin tab "Licensing" section.  This is the same process with the new model.  You will see the username with up to 3 licenses for their devices.  

Q. What do I do if my username is already logged in to 3 devices but I need to change to another device?

A. The easiest solution is to log-out of one of your iOS or Android device.  As a LAST resort, you can also delete all the devices related to a username on the Licensing page, which can performed once a month.  

PLEASE NOTE: Deleting and re-installing the app or updating the operating system of the device will create a new device ID.  We recommend logging out before doing so to free up the license on the server.


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