How Do I Add a New User?

iform add user

To add a new user to your account, please follow the instructions below.

PLEASE NOTE: A username CANNOT exceed 35 characters.

STEP 1: Hover over the Users Tab (A) and select Add/Edit Users (B).

iform add user

STEP 2: Click the New button.

iform add user

STEP 3: Fill out the information for the user you are creating and click Create.

iform add user

USERNAME: The username has to be longer than 6 and shorter than 35 letters in length. (Using a naming convention can help when managing a large number of users.)

FIRST AND LAST NAME: It is not required to include a First Name & Last Name but we strongly suggest adding it to help with the management of users. 

EMAIL:  Add the new user's email address.  iFORM TIP: Be sure to use a valid email address as the reset password email will be sent to this address.

INITIAL PASSWORD & INITIAL PASSWORD CONFIRM: The password must meet the criteria laid out in the article here.

RIGHT TO CREATE FORMS: This will give the user the ability to build forms within the account.

COMPANY ADMIN: This will give the user the permissions of a Company Admin.

RIGHT TO SYNC TO THE THUNDERPLUG: This will give the user the ability to use the ThunderPlug (if your company has purchased).


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