How Do I Add a New User?

Adding a New Username CompanyAdmin


PLEASE NOTE: User name CANNOT exceed 35 characters.


iFormBuilder Add a New User

1. Under the "Users" tab, select Add/Edit Users.

2. Select the green + New button. 


3. USERNAME: The username has to be longer than 6 and shorter than 35 letters in length. (Using a naming convention can help when managing a large number of users.)

*It is not required to include a First Name & Last Name but we strongly suggest adding it to help with the management of users. 

4. EMAIL:  Add the new users email address.

5. INITIAL PASSWORD & INITIAL PASSWORD CONFIRM: The password has to be longer than 6 letters in length.

6. Click on the rights that you are assigning to the new users account. (More description of rights are in the following section).

7. Click Create User when you have completed the required fields.


A username can be given all or none of the user rights. Depending on the role a user plays within the iFormBuilder account,  will designate what rights you give.  

*All users have access to a form on their device when it has been assigned to them from Form Assignment. In Form Assignment, if "View" has been checked off, the user will see the data collected on their device and under the "Data" tab.  



User Role Rights Assigned Description of Access
End-User None  User can edit and view their personal profile.


Form Builder


User Role Rights Assigned Description of Access
Form Builder                                        √ Right to Create Forms                                                         User creates their own forms but will not be able to make changes to forms created by other users. Have ability to view/edit personal profile. They do NOT have access to assign a form. 

Company Admin 


User Role Rights Assigned Description of Access
Basic Admin                                      √ Admin                                                                             

This user will have ability to add/edit users, assign forms to users, create and manage Form Groups and User Groups, send notifications to users devices, edit company info and more! 


Company Admin & Form Builder


User Role Rights Assigned Description of Access Rights

Company Admin & Form Builder                    

√ Rights to Create Forms  

√ Admin                                                              

This user will have access to all the Form Builder Rights & Admin Rights. Additionally, they have access to all forms created within the company profile.  


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