Parsing Data Strings

This page will demonstrate how to parse data that is returned as a result of a Scan or Swipe using any of the hardware widgets or Red Laser.

When you Scan a barcode or Swipe a card a String of data is returned into the hardware widget and is ready to be parsed to your linking.

Follow the steps below to parse the data that is returned in this QR code scan:

Scan the QR Code:


Result: Joe Schmoe||Hardware Expert||myemail@iformbuilder.com||18001112222


Add the following Widgets to your form:

Hardware, QR Code, or Red-Laser Widget

Data Column Name: my_data

Dynamic Value: my_data = ""


Text Widget  **This widget is used to hold the data for parsing

Data Column Name: data_result

Dynamic Value: my_data


Text or Read-Only Widget  **Holds the first set of data separated by '||'

Dynamic Value: ((my_data.split("||"))[0])

Result: Joe Schmoe


Text or Read-Only Widget

Dynamic Value: ((my_data.split("||"))[1])

Result: Hardware Expert


Text or Read-Only Widget

Dynamic Value: ((my_data.split("||"))[2])

Result: myemail@iformbuilder.com


Text or Read-Only Widget

Dynamic Value: ((my_data.split("||"))[3])

Result: 18001112222


**This Dynamic Value Statement is saying split up the my_data string into different sections by || character. And the number inside the Brackets are saying select and display the X section. If the string returned is seperated by a different character then || you can simply replace it with the character the string is seperated by.

The separated string looks like this:

0 = Joe Schmoe

1 = Hardware Expert

2 = myemail@iformbuilder.com

3 = 18001112222


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