Create unique ID with Username

We have added a new feature called getNextSequence().  The purpose of this function allows the user to keep track how many records this user has provided.  The count starts at 1, and for every record started, the count will increment +1.  It is much like the Unique Id  widget.  The difference is the Unique Id widget will increment when it actually hits the server.  getNextSequence() will increment locally on the device.  Also, each user can have its own count on the same device.  


With the new iFormBuilder function getNextSequence() we are now able to have unique IDs with the username of the logged in user placed into a field. Add a Read-Only or Text Element to your form and give it the dynamic value of:  iformbuilder.username + " " + getNextSequence()

**Note: If you want to restart the count, you will have uninstall the app and then install it again.  This will restart every users count.**


Hope this Tip proves to be useful :)

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