Is There a Way to Store Email Lists?

Page Level E-Mail Groups

You can use Page Level JavaScript to store e-mail lists. Open the form properties menu and create a new variable.

1) Go into the form you would like to add the e-mail list to.


2)  Create a new variable.  EXAMPLE:  var myList = "info@test.com, reports@test.com, sales@test.com, marketing@test.com"


3)  Add an Email Widget to your form, click on the Input Properties tab (A), and click the Send Email checkbox (B).


4)  In the Dynamic Value field for the Email Widget, type in the variable name in myList.


Make sure to hide the e-mail element with a conditional value of false

You can even go one step further and use the element Ref ID ELEMENT_SKIP_REPORT to hide this field from your data views including the e-mail report. 


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