Error: Invalid parentId. Subform requires parentId to be non-zero.




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    Guy Swartwout

    The proposed remedy did not solve the problem.

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    Tony Ruth

    Hi Guy, can you please try again and also post back your network speeds that you have when you see the error.

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    Mark Wright

    I have this error this morning. I cannot get the subforms to sync no matter what I do and I cant edit the subform record sto see what the data is. Going forward we need a fix for this issue as there is no way of seeing what these subrecords contain.

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    Le Nguyen

    Hi Mark, we are working on a fix to make sure the parent record is not marked off as completed if the subforms are not successfully uploaded to the server. Your support ticket will remain open until we fix this bug and will keep you and others updated as it is fixed in our future release.


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