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    Eric Dickey

    I am looking at your product to see if it meets our requirements and downloaded you app for iOS.  The version I find in the app store is version  I came on here to see if there are any fixes as the app right now is completely useless to me due to all of the crashes I have experienced.  Now I see you have an updated version but no link to it. 


    What gives?  I would like to give you guys a fair evaluation, but so far what I am finding is a joke.  Do you have plans on releasing a non buggy, non crashing version any time soon?


    Eric Dickey

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    Tony Ruth

    Hi Eric, thanks for checking in. I think you may have been running "iForm RFID" which was not updated for iOS 6 compatibility and was recently retired.

    Sorry we missed this comment, iForm is iOS 6 compatible and a lot of enhancements have been made in the last few months. If you are still looking for a flexible solution for mobile data collection I would encourage you to check back in and we will help you out however we can.

    Here is the link to iForm in the App Store.



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