How do I create a Documents action?

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What's covered in this article?

What is Dataflow Automation?

Dataflow Automation provides organizations Big Data capabilities including long term storage, data management, processing and integration without having to invest millions of dollars and a dedicated team.  

Click here for more information on Dataflow Automation.

What is a RecordSet?

RecordSets are storage locations for data saved within a Dataflow. These RecordSets and the actions associated with them are the foundations for Dataflow Automation.

Click here for more information on RecordSets.

What is a Zerion Document?

Zerion Documents allows you to easily populate a document with the data you've collected, and automatically send it to a variety of locations.  

Zerion Documents provides you with customizable options for any type of document. You can choose from PDFs, WordDocs, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations or create your own using Zerion Document’s simple document builder.

Click here for more information on Zerion Documents.

How do I create a Zerion Document?

Need instructions on creating a Zerion Document? Click here for detailed instructions on creating different Document types.

What is a Documents action?

The Documents action enables data to be pushed to any documents you have set up previously such as a Fillable PDF, a Word document, and others.

How do I create a Documents action?

To create a Documents action, please follow the instructions below.


With your Dataflow loaded, select the RecordSet that will use the Data Collector action. 


Step 2

Highlight the RecordSet to which you wish to add the action.


Step 3

From the Actions drop-down menu, select Documents and then Zerion Document.


Step 4

Name your Document action.


Step 5

Search for the Document you made previously and select it from the list.


Step 6

Map fields from your data to the Merge Fields you've created in your document (Key) previously with the data (Value) you want to map.  


Send the Whole Data: Use this option if you have already defined your field mapping within Zerion Documents.

Step 7

Click Save.


You Document action will now appear with your RecordSet.


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