How do I get iForm data into my RecordSet?

Dataflow RecordSets

What's covered in this article?

What is Dataflow Automation?

Dataflow Automation provides organizations Big Data capabilities including long term storage, data management, processing and integration without having to invest millions of dollars and a dedicated team.  

Click here for more information on Dataflow Automation.

What is a RecordSet?

RecordSets are storage locations for data saved within a Dataflow. These RecordSets and the actions associated with them are the foundations for Dataflow Automation.

Click here for more information on RecordSets.

How do I create a RecordSet?

To create a RecordSet, please follow the instructions HERE.

What is a Webhook?

Webhooks use a system generated URL which allows you to post any JSON data (including iFormBuilder data) to your RecordSets.  

The below example will show you how to use a Webhook to push data from iForm into your RecordSet.

How do I get iForm data into my RecordSet?

With the use of Webhooks, you can push the data you've collected in iForm into your RecordSets allowing you to transform your data. To move your iForm data into a RecordSet, please follow the instructions below.

PLEASE NOTE: In the below example we'll be creating a Webhook for an existing RecordSet.

Step 1

With your Dataflow loaded, select the RecordSet you'll be pushing the data to.


Step 2

From the Data Inputs drop-down, select Create Webhook.


Step 3

Name your Webhook and click Save.


PLEASE NOTE: You can also choose to make your Webhooks secure.  For more information on Secure Webhooks, click HERE.

Step 4

Highlight the Webhook you created in the above step.


Step 5

Copy the Webhook URL.


Step 6

From inside your iFormBuilder account, name your endpoint and paste the copied Webhook URL into the Endpoint URL field.


For more detailed instructions on setting up Post Data on iFormBuilder, click HERE.

Step 7

Click Create Endpoint.


Step 8

From your device, create some records and upload.


Step 9

You'll now see the uploaded records reflected in your RecordSet.


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